Wednesdays are for the West - Enter Sean Shapiro

Inside AHL Hockey is very pleased to announce that's Dallas Stars correspondent Sean Shapiro will be joining our staff to contribute to our American Hockey League coverage - specifically the Western Conference teams that many of us in the East just don't hear enough (or anything) about.

Having Sean on board really demonstrates our commitment to providing in-depth coverage around the entire AHL, and we look forward to Sean's articles and insights on the teams out west this upcoming season

You can follow Sean on Twitter --> @SeanShapiro

Below, Sean put together a letter to the readers here at Inside AHL Hockey on a little bit about himself as well as what to expect from him here this season:

Back in May I had my first conversation with Tony about the future of AHL coverage and the site that is now known as Inside AHL Hockey.

Three months later, I'm happy to be part of the team that Tony has assembled.

As the sports journalism industry has taken financial steps backwards the AHL has been a victim. AHL teams are rarely covered on a traditional beat basis and some of the best news sources around the league are independent reporters and bloggers who aren't receiving nearly enough compensation (or any for that matter) for their work.

This site is a trend in the right direction. Instead of waiting for the media climate to gift him an opportunity Tony is creating his own and I hope you subscribe.

The subscriber model works. I've witnessed this first hand at my own site Wrong Side Of The Red Line , where I cover the Dallas Stars. With this setup, the readers make the decisions. The content at this site is built with you in mind and isn't focused on generating the most clicks or getting the most retweets -- it's about the stories you want to read.

Hopefully I can deliver on that as a Western Conference correspondent for Inside AHL Hockey. I'll be contributing at least twice a month with features and notebooks on a conference where the games played aren't even and points percentage matters.

Who am I? I'm a writer that used his AHL opportunities to reach the NHL. I covered the Texas Stars on a beat basis for four seasons before moving up to Dallas for a gig with before the 2016-17 season. I've covered league-wide AHL stories for numerous publications including The Hockey News, Canadian Press, and Yahoo Sports.

I'm happy to have a new home for many of those stories here at Inside AHL Hockey. The AHL is the second-best league in the world and I'm excited to be part of Tony's vision for this site.