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Inside AHL Hockey aims to create synergy in the way hockey fans can access insightful, original coverage of their favorite teams and/or hockey prospects.

Written by: Tony Androckitis - Twitter/Facebook

Editor's Note: All articles in the Our Team tab will be free content available to all readers, even those who aren't subscribed to the site.

I also wouldn't have made it to this point without a lot of help from you - the reader. Your loyalty to continuing to follow my coverage of the AHL and specifically daily coverage of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms since day 1 of their franchise in downtown Allentown, Pennsylvania the past three years has been nothing short of incredible.

I've always been told that hard work doesn't go unnoticed, and the readers of Highland Park Hockey over the past six and a half years have all played a part in getting me to this point. It's time to take the next step.

The creation of Inside AHL Hockey marks the beginning of a new way for hockey fans across the globe to have in-depth coverage of top hockey prospects competing in the American Hockey League. Whether it's keeping with how your favorite AHL team/player is doing or checking in on the prospects that your favorite NHL team has playing on their top minor league affiliate, this new media source will be the place for all of that and so much more.

I understand that my decision to operate under a partial paywall this upcoming season might be met with some distaste, but it is necessary in order to continue to provide the second-to-none daily coverage of the Phantoms that many of you have seen here the past three years as well as to make it even better.

Right now, the plan is to run the site completely free for the month of August and begin the subscriptions for premium content on September 1st to give everyone a feel for what kind of content will be published here. Information on how to subscribe to Inside AHL Hockey for just $3/month will be available shortly in the Subscribe tab at the top of the page or in our dropdown menu for mobile users.

The addition of more AHL-wide content will also allow fans of the other 29 teams to have their eyes opened at the potential Inside AHL Hockey has to change the way hockey fans can keep in tune with the National Hockey League's (NHL) top prospects and future NHL stars of tomorrow.

I certainly won't be able to do this alone. Inside AHL Hockey's staff is currently being put together and will continue to expand as time moves on, but I can tell you now that we already have several talented, established and well-connected AHL resources that will be contributing to the site this season..

I'll have full details on all of this and a lot more leading up to the start of the season. You can get to know all of the staff at Inside AHL Hockey by clicking on the Our Team tab on the top of the page, or by clicking here.